Habanna Wayne: My First Day As Models

It was a casual day when I decided to become Model Web Cam so I contact me a friend who works in a study, after several days I age an appointment in the company.Well, when I was on my way to my appointment I was in the subway and I watched all the men around me I must accept that I felt a bit hot but at the same time I felt a little shy, but when I turn my face I saw a man super beautiful and he looked at me with a look too sexy for me and I call me too much attention but opened the doors of the next station and I lost it from sight, but well I dignified I went to the interview when they can not imagine who was the owner of the study.It was the same one I saw in the subway so when he saw me hilling the office door and kissed me very tightly while taking my waist with a little aggressiveness when he put his finger to his mouth and the wet and I put them on me Star vagina and pleasure gemithe only in the end I only peak the eye and he told me that he expected it to be a great model

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