Isabella & Nicol: It's Time to Eat

today we made a very intense couple plan, we were eating hamburger but something unexpected happened with Isabella.We sat in the corner of the restaurant, there was very low lighting, excellent music (our favorite 80’s rock repertoire), we both wore very short dresses and because of the weather we did not wear underwear.Isa was very anxious because it was our first time without thongs in a public place, while the food arrived I felt how her hands rubbed my crotch, how she wet me with every inch of her fingers introduced little by little in me.She looked me in the eyes and began to kiss me with such intensity, she filled my neck with her saliva and bit her, she whispered to me intensely that she wanted me to make her mine, that she wanted me to touch her endlessly in that place.The waitress arrived at that moment and she winked at us, looked at us with desire, we managed to notice how she touched her legs her mouth, she saw her saliva moisturizing her lips; She got very nervous and accidentally dropped her cutlery, she bent down to pick it up and we noticed how her eyes lit up when she noticed our absence of interiors

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