Miz Fit: Island of Mizfit Toys

Tis the season. Hello I am posting for the first time and will soon be broadcasting for the first time! I’m shaking in my ugg boots! Haha. I’m not quite sure I’ve found my true niche yet. I am a webmaster (Webmistress, I like to call it) of a couple adult websites so it’s not for lack of inspiration. People think I just sit around watching porn all day and let me tell you I wish it were that simple! Learning adult SEO and competing in a heavily flooded market takes dedication! So why not try something where I do have fun and play all day?!I’d say I have more of a dominant sexual appetite. But nothing gets me off more than knowing I made those toes curl ?I can be a little shy, but if I know you’re into me and you like what you see, I promise the freak comes out! Any tips appreciated (no pun intended) holiday special will include some candy cane play! Stay tuned for my first show. Thanks my little mizfit toys! Look forward to meeting you

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